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A workshop concept in digital creation, songwriting and artist development

The Swedish artist, Adée, started ’Future Songwriting’ in 2015 as a songwriting program for emerging female artists and producers in the South East of Sweden. Between 2015-2017 the project released 3 albums of original music created by the participants in the project and they did more than 10 live performances to give the artists experience, both in the studio and on stage. The concept is based on Adée’s own experiences gained from studying music production and as an artist who has toured internationally and she wanted to empower emerging artists with the skill sets required to create and produce their own music.


Since the 3 albums was produced Adée started to deliver the workshop based on the work made during the first 3 years of the project. The workshop concept has been delivered in Sweden and in the US and in the UK and it has reached 5.000 participants from the age of 12 up until music univeristy students.
The workshop is between 1,5 - 3 hours and, during that time, Adée and the participating group start to write a song from scratch in Logic Pro X. During the 3 hours they create a beat, write lyrics to the beat they have created and then record vocals to the new song with each workshop culminating in a finished track. This way of ”speed writing” has proven to remove some of the pressure of writing as a ’magic formula’ that always has to end up with a hit-song. ”Writing songs is a craft you need to learn, to be free in creating that magic that everyone is looking for”, says Adée about the concept. Since Adée is a professional artist and producer with experience of leading a group she can adjust the level of difficulty of the workshops to the groups requirements and vary the delivery so that every participant willl get the maximum from the time.

The workshop is available to book for groups ranging from 5 - 30 participants.

3 Hours workshop schedule – (can be taken down to between 1,5 – 3 hours)

  • Presentation - Adée tells the group about her career and how it works as an artist who travels internationally

  • The group start to create the beat they are going to write to in Logic Pro

  • Writing lyrics, the group start to write around a common theme

  • Recording vocals to the track

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